Peter Row

Peter wrote extensively on Hindustani Music, Improvisation and Ethnomusicology.

A selection of his writings is shown below:

Rudra Vina


“The Device of Modulation in Hindustani Art Music.” Essays in Arts and Sciences,  Volume VI, No. 1. University of New Haven, 1977.

“The Music of India.” Festival of American Folk Life.  Smithsonian Institution, 1977.

“Hindustani Raga Classification.” Sonus,  Volume 1, No. 2. Cambridge, Mass, 1981.

Review of Pakistan I, Unesco Collection:  A Musical Anthology of the Orient, No. 29, Ethnomusicology,  Volume XXV, No. 3, 1981.

Review of Musicological Literature.  A History of Indian Literature, Volume 1:1,  Wiesbaden, 1977, by Emmie te Nijenhuis, Ethnomusicology,  Volume XXVII, No. 2, 1983.

Review of Musica Asiatica, Volume 2, Oxford, 1979, edited by Laurence Picken, Ethnomusicology,  Volume XXVII, No. 3, 1983.

Review of Intonation in North Indian Music: A Select Comparison of Theories with Contemporary Practices.  New Delhi, 1982, by Mark Levy, Ethnomusicology,  Volume XXVIII, No. 1, 1984.


“New Rags in Hindustani Art Music”
Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter; Dartmouth College, 1976.

“Modulation in Hindustani Art Music and the Persian Connection”
Marshall Woods Lecture, Brown University, 1978.

“Sruti: A Performer’s Perspective”
Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter; Amherst College, 1978.

“Ethnomusicology and Interdisciplinary Studies: A View from the Conservatory”
Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter; Amherst College, 1978.

“The Role of the Non-Hereditary Musician in the Shaping of Musical Change in North India”
Xth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, New Delhi, 1979.

“The Vishnupur Gharana: Pedagogy in Transition”
Chair of Session on Musical Pedagogy in India
Association of Asian Studies, New England Chapter, Harvard University, 1980.

“Oral Traditions and Written Music in Asia and Africa”: Panel member
Society for Ethnomusicology, Northeast Chapter, Yale University, 1981.

“Raga Improvisation”
International Jazz Festival, Teatro del Opera, Rome, Italy, 1981.

“The Future of World Music in America”: Panel member
Symposium, Wesleyan University, 1982.

“Towards the Globalizing of Music Teaching”: Panel member
College Music Society, National Meeting, Boston, 1982.

“Decoding Traditional Indian Rāga Theory” read at: the First International Conference on Analytical Approaches to World Music, University of Massachusetts, February 19-21, 2010

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